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Knitting Project Planner

Knitting Project Planner

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Plan your knitting projects and keep your notes, sketches, and ideas all in one place with this nifty knitting project planner!

Here's a journal especially designed for you to document and track knitting project details, materials, measurements, creation designs, and other important information. A practical tool that allows you to stay organized and map out your projects with ease and convenience.

- Index
- Project Name, Date Started, Date Finished
- Pattern, Source, Finished Size, Final Cost
- ☑ Personal / ☑ For Client
- Measurements
- Needles & Stitches (Needle Type/Size, Gauge, Type of Stitch)
- Yarn Details (Brand, Color/Dye Lot, Weight, # of Skeins, Yards/Grams)
- Notions/Accessories, To Do
- Notes
- Graph Patterned Page (4:5 Ratio)
- Knitting Goals/Bucket List (Last Page)