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  1. Unique Knitting Finishing Needles
  2. Knitter's Pride Point Protectors
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  3. Knitter's Pride Mindful Row Counter
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  4. Knit Picks Bent Tip Tapestry Needles
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  6. Knit Picks Steeking Scissors
  7. Knit Picks Flexible Stitch Markers
  8. Knit Picks Locking Stitch Markers
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  9. Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers
  10. Knitter's Pride T-Pins
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  11. The Creative Knitter | Rainbow Skein Enamel Pin
  12. Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers
  13. Light Bulb Stitch Markers
  14. Knit Picks Foldable Scissors
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  15. Knit Picks Row Counter
  16. Cocoknits Stitch Fixer
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  18. Knitter's Pride Tapestry Needles Set
  19. Knitter's Pride Dreamz Wood Cable Needles
  20. Knit Picks Split Ring Stitch Markers
  21. Stitch Markers
  22. Knit Picks Metal Stitch Markers
  23. muster.pattern | Sock Ruler
  24. Knitter's Pride Aluminum Stitch Holders (set of 3)
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  • This is a great yarn store! A large selection of yarns and accessories, with a range of price points for everyone's budget! Steph is very friendly and helpful, and the space is friendly and welcoming. Worth the trip to Ridgeway.


  • "This is the loveliest place to shop, browse or sit and knit for a while in the cozy sitting area. Massive selection of all things related to knitting and crochet: yarn, project bags, needles, hooks, cases, notions, pattern books…. and more. Stephanie offers a perfect mix of a warm welcome and being available to help while not breathing down your neck or pressuring you to buy. The Creative Knitter is a gem for Ridgeway and the Niagara Region."


  • "Went here for the first time today and I'm so glad we made the drive! Not only is the owner an absolute sweetheart, she keeps the store well stocked and clean. As soon as you enter, you feel a sense of warmth and welcoming. She has amazing stock and lots of yarns you don't see anywhere else. As a beginner of crochet, I felt at ease when speaking with her and not intimidated or embarrassed. I'm so happy to have found this gem of a store!"